8 June 2017

Why oeoei.com

by Andrew

I've been asked this a few times already. Why did you choose oeoei.com for a domain name? Well, because Facebook was already taken, I feel like replying—I'm a bit rude sometimes. Because I am definitely not trying to make another something like Facebook. I don't have it in me, to begin with—and that is enough. So I don't much care the name I chose. I only wanted to get a site online.

Of course however there was some thought that went into this oeoei name. My name .com is already registered to someone else, andrewmcdonnell.com. Or I'd have simply chosen that. So I had to think of something else.

I'd read, that besides a .com-name, the shortest domain name possible is a good name. It's easy to remember. So now that my name was out of the question, I wanted something as short as possible.

But I still wanted in my domain name some reference to myself. And it came to me—as it does. McDonnell, that damn song, "Ol' MacDonald had a farm," which plagued me when I was younger. The bullies used to sing it constantly in my ears evily, "e-i-e-i-o."

But eieio.com is taken too. And I think then that it's fairly easy to see from where I got oeoei. I like the sing-songy sound of eieio. So I wanted that now too, along the short name. I am a writer, a poet. I sing. A very good idea to choose a sing-songy name I thought.

But now to find a name available only remained. And another requirement came to mind. I wanted all vowels. I love language as well. And vowels are necessary to make language language. The word rhythm has always intrigued me, all consonants—the 'y,' I know. But I wanted all vowels. And oeoei.com it was.

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