13 Februaury 2017

Why Can't I Stop Listening to 2 Chainz

by Andrew

I can't offer any help here. I have the same problem. I can't stop listening to 2 Chainz too.

It's his voice I think. And on top of that, it's the way he says things, like little tongue-twisters, kind of. But they're not tongue-twisters, his funny phrases he says. They're just fun to say, if you repeat them to yourself. And his voice on top of that makes it so addicting.

I only just found-out that he was half of Playaz Circle, that "Duffle Bag Boy" song. I remember when that song came-out, somewhere someone was saying that Lil' Wayne wrote one of their verses for it. I have the song on my phone, so I listened, and sure enough, that's 2 Chainz, "Tell 'em Weezy," I had never even noticed. I'm so out-of-the-loop.

It was an old coworker who introduced me to the 2 Chainz station on Pandora. We bounced-round in the Cushman—an old golf-cart like—round the golf course, that crazy, little 3-speed, 3-wheeler, round the fence-line I'd go, out of sight out of mind, trying to pass the time. No one else could drive that thing, that Cushman, it was so old and rundown, but me and Wayne. Wayne! I have to write about that guy sometime. That guy's still got to be alive—he was pushing about 70 then, and doing all that physical labor that's done on a golf course, I couldn't believe. The world will know when that man dies though. Kali herself will cry the day that guy dies. He was a child of hers, to be sure, like Ramakrishna. That was years ago even, god. And already then too 2 Chainz had been big for awhile. These songs I'm hearing are probably 5 years old or so, or more.

That "Black Beatles" song I asked someone had they heard too. I had no idea that that was viral, or whatever, that everyone had heard of "Black Beatles." I need to watch some TV or something.

But don't even let me get started on that, TV. Well really, there's nothing to get started. I've not watched the thing almost at all—besides as a guest at someone's place—in over 10 years. And that was one of the best things I've done for myself.

But it did make me dull. Everyone was just turning 21, so we were out at bars a lot. And I swear, no one ever had anything to talk about but television, either sports, or this show, or that show, or that series. I wanted blood in my talk, and body parts. Let the wine spill over the glass and speak a phrase or two, a real one. Pull your pants over your ears and do a jig while grandma finishes-off her hot-wings. Something.

These guys are teaching me how to dress too, you better believe. Herme belts. Louis loafers. The 'F' for Fendy. The heater tucked-in some Tom Fords. The chains I can do without. The cars I want. Which that seems crazy to me, I'm so content without one now. But it's like that. If I'm going to have any car, it's going to be an Aston Martin or something.

I do that so often, just dream of fancy things. Kanye I think it is,—Rick Ross it is, I just heard the song, that's crazy—the intro. to one of his songs, how young men like flashy things because they come from kings, afterall. I like that. Young black men it was for, you idiot. Then call me that, a little black boy. Or call me Fred. Or call me Bev, I don't much care. We are all one.

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