18 May 2017

When I Apply Pressure

by Andrew

I use Twitter. It was the only app. that worked when my 4GB of 4g cellular-data internet service from AT&T—for which I was paying $50 a month—went to 128kb/min., low-speed. I was so angry. I would tweet AT&T.

I complained, publicly, about how much of a disgrace it was that I was paying $50 for only 4GB of "high-speed" 4g internet service. That 4GB is used-up watching maybe 10 YouTube videos. It doesn't take much to use 4GB worth of internet. For $50, if I was paying for internet service at home, I'd have unlimited, or at least about the 250GB they allow now a month.

And who was even keeping track of how much data I did use? Well, I was. Every month I reset my phone to record my cellular-data usage, according to when from AT&T that cellular-data was to begin. The month I could take it no longer and began barraging AT&T with tweets, my phone said I had used only 2.1GB of that 4GB I was supposedly given before AT&T switched my service to "low-speed."

That they switched my service to "low-speed" so early I shouldn't even have been complaining about really. It was slow, certainly, trying to browse anything on the internet. But their "low-speed" was faster than their "high-speed."

I had had enough. I wan't paying any longer. And I tweeted all this.

Just about when my service was to end for that month, I received a text from AT&T. They would be increasing my cellular-data allowance from 4GB to 6GB, no extra charge—so still $50. I was insulted. Anyway, I've never paid AT&T since, and likely never will again. But by making some noise, so to speak, I saw that it had created some action.

I love Twitter, like I said. I use it for news, a big reason. I have no TV,—have not had in about 10 years TV—and am now even—thankfully—out of the country, the United States. So I follow newspapers and such on Twitter, news-networks, so I can somewhat keep track of what's happening in the world—if news is even a good measure of that. But I follow celebrities too and spam them hoping that they'll snap me off a few greenbacks. It never works of course. But it's still fun. And I follow some bloggers, and they tweet their new posts and I read.

But I am here, foreign country, surrounded by a language I barely understand, no friends really, and I am a bit bored and lonely. I miss English a bit. Even if I'm ignoring English, in the States, I still understand it and piece together little bits of conversations I overhear. But here I can't. It's like a world to myself. It's nice in a way, but it's lonely.

But I love Twitter. It is my source for things to read. But, damnit, all these posts and articles, and there is nothing to read. I mean, there is. The articles are right there in front of me, the text—with ads mixed-in of course. But it's junk. I want to be stimulated. I want to read something good, something with a touch of beauty. I am bored. I am in another country. The books at the library, I don't understand. I want to read. I want to read something good. I must—surround yourself with what you want. And now I am angry. Give me something to read, damnit.

So I barrage with tweets some literary magazines. Where are your things to read? Are you not a literary magazine full of writers? Where is some stuff that I can read? And you want me to pay? For what? There is a blogger who posts every day on his website for free at least something to read—James Altucher. I read him. But I need more. Give me stuff to read.

And the next day one of these magazines post a tweet. Accepting applications for bloggers, it says. I laugh—a warm laugh, a giggle. It feels nice to light a fire under peoples's ass, to make them move and jump. Get to work, damnit. I am not paying you otherwise.

But they will not pay me either, this magazine, I am sure. But okay. I have my website anyway. I don't even need a magazine to be published. They will not pay me, but some shit MFA graduate they will pay. And their magazine will stay shit. And I will write for free. And I will persuade the people eventually to stop paying for shit.

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