19 October 2017

What Is Capitalism In America

by Andrew

I love Twitter, really. I saw a tweet that I liked—and even re-tweeted. Something like, "What's more capitalistic than a peanut in a tophat, a monocle, and a cane selling you other peanuts to eat?" Planters peanuts. Which it's a perfect example, to explain capitalism in America, the United States, this tweet.

Now, I'm white. So I know lots of other whites naturally. You attract what you're like afterall, the good and the bad. And sadly, I know lots of other whites who are right-wing, nationalists, supporters of Trump. They're not so extreme as those who march in Charlottesville. But that kernel is in them still, however small. They are proud to be white, to hell with everyone else. Or something like that. A little strain of white-supremacy a lot of them have still.

But look, we whites are those other peanuts that the peanut with the monocle sells. The rich peanut makes money off the other peanuts. It's rich versus poor, I'm telling you. Most whites, if they'll believe it or not, they are poor. They have no freedom. They're slaves to their jobs and their shit. Though maybe they have some money, yes—whites, these other peanuts—they are slaves yet, not worth a dime.

We idolize the rich. Generally everyone does, all colors. In the United States, white-folk look round, and they see, that a lot of the rich are white—CEO's, CTO's, politicians, bankers, businessmen. They are white and they are men—generally. And we idolize that. What drivel falls from the lips of these rich white men, we lap up greedily.

But we are not them. I'm telling you. We are poor. They are rich. They are that rich peanut, shipping off all us other peanuts to be sold. We idolize the peanut because he looks like us, maybe. That could be us, sure. But that rich peanut only sees us other peanuts as a way to make some money. He'll sell us to the slaughterhouse if it meant a few dollars for him, this monocled peanut man. And hypothetically he does just that—college debt and jobs, what I've been trying to say about that path of life. He puts us in chains,—the college and the jobs and all the junk to buy between—so that he can make money, this monocled peanut, this rich white man.

And they keep us fooled, the rich, the poor. Racism sadly is such an issue still just on the tip of the tongue of society. That monocled peanut, it preaches peanut-supremacy. So that that entire jar of other peanuts will stay busy hating walnuts maybe, or almonds, or cashews—which the monocled peanut also sells, these other nuts—disillusioned, instead of realizing that that monocled man is the one who is the real enemy. And that jar of peanuts falls so easily for these tricks. Because like I said, sadly racism is still a very raw topic. Like one of those scented stickers, if you scratch it only a bit—the topic of racism—it stinks. It's a dirt road, racism, easy to be kicked-up. And we poor whites are busy hating blacks and Muslims and Mexicans and everyone else who's not white. When it's that rich peanut, who looks just like us, that we should be hating instead, trying to tear him down to re-join the ranks of us other peanuts.

And that's the United States. That's the position in which we white-folk are. If only we'll realize. We are just like those other nuts that the rich peanut is trying to sell.

And this is true of any person of any color. If they preach hate, racism, division. If you follow them. It has nothing to do with color, I'm telling you. There are black-folk or Mexicans who are equally as wealthy who preach racism. Don't let them divide us.

Of course, not all rich are this way. They are monocled peanut people maybe, these other rich. But they sell software or candy or something, instead of nuts. It's the rich of whom we must be wary who preach division and racism in their wake.

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