23 September 2017

What Are You Doing?

by Andrew

I'm sitting outside on the deck in a chair with some tea, on Twitter looking for something to read that's interesting, or at least well wrote. Why, thanks for asking. But it's a very difficult task, this. There's nothing, that I can find at least.

And not just tweets I'm looking to read, little 140-character-blurbs. I want articles, tweets to them. That's for what I'm looking. But there's nothing. It's all junk.

So I'll go grab a book in a bit probably. I got some Miller and this Denis Johnson cat, and a little of this John Fante guy. There's some Nin and Whitman too I got somewhere. But there's opportunity here, with Twitter. If someone could catch my attention, on their site I'd stay reading instead.

So I wrote this. I'll pedal out to dad's apartment in a bit. It's hot here, over 90 Fahrenheit, the September Indian summer of the plains. It feels nice, I think personally. But anyway, dad is going to the racetrack, so I'll get some quiet down there for a bit, and a 6 pack probably. I got a short, easy chapter 5 and then chapter 6 of 9 to write. What are you doing?

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