27 Februaury 2017

It's Time For the Oscars to Go Paperless

by Andrew

An idea for an article from Ben Thompson from his Twitter that is, to write about that, that it's time for the Oscars to go paperless—and there is inspiration everywhere. I was just waiting for it to strike, that inspiration, posting my guwop site—now defunct—in the comments sections of Time's Twitter and Facebook posts. I love to do that. Time sucks—the SEO'd junk they put-out. I don't even feel bad. Let's see can I make some money off of them, why not.

That Ben Thompson guy—so wonderful he is, so full of ideas, and inspiration for them—he mentions in one of his blog posts that maybe newspapers should have stuck-to physical papers, instead of moving to digital. In the case of Time, I sure wish they had. And all the others are bad too, to be sure,—The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, et al.—but Time is by far the worse.

Right, so maybe then the Oscars should stick-to TV. Leave us alone here, digitally. Already Twitter is full of videos and tweets—and Facebook. The "trends" are so obvious to spot, now that I'm thinking, and have had it pointed-out. Just look at social media. What makes you sick, that's hot, that's buzzing—well, in my case. So the damn Oscars are everywhere.

And that damn Donald guy is everywhere too. And he looks like a duck, to be sure,—it'd been awhile since I'd last seen—like a fried brown egg. He'd like that I bet, being called brown. It'd tickle his belly I bet.

It's time for the Oscars to go paperless? Please, just stick-to television. I don't watch television.

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