6 May 2018

That Time of Year

by Andrew

There was a bee bumping round against the outside of the house last night on the patio. Grandma got up, waddled into the garage,—because I'd said, "No, I won't kill it"—and returned with a can of bugspray that was nearly bigger than her.

"Where is it?" she said, looking round wildly with big eyes.

I couldn't help my laughter. She looked like a Ghostbuster-about-to-topple-over, the weight of her weapon. It buzzed off, I told her, and motioned into the yard, up into the sky.

And then I saw some tweets on Twitter this morning, that spoke against killing even a fly. Which is how I am. The only bugs I'll kill are mosquitos, if they're sucking my blood, I can't even help. How it's pure human superiority to kill bugs so absentmindedly, the tweet continued. We're all sharing this Earth together, afterall, we don't even think about. And killing bugs is an act of agression anyway, I think further, which slowly compounds into anger and violence. Peace is much, much better.

Which you can see anyway very clearly, that we don't even think about it, sharing the Earth, humans. All these damn cars. Finally, the weather has warmed. But it seems so backwards. That the nicer it is outside, the more cars are out driving round everywhere.

We just don't get it, we don't even think. We're the most important things on this planet, our egos. And here we are too, trying to get to Mars. Well, god-speed.

But it was a very pleasant evening, last night. Dad cooked chicken on the grill. Which I haven't had since who knows when. Though he was in kind of a shit mood. He lightened-up a bit eventually after he got some food in the belly. The weather was wonderful anyway. It felt so nice to be outside.

And then we played cards after dinner, of course. The game took about 3 hours. There were 4 of us, 4 rounds, and 6 decks of cards each round, I think it is. A fairly easy game though. You're at the luck-of-the draw mostly. Like life. And who wins is who plays their hand as best as possible, whoever makes the least mistakes. And I've been playing this game for years and years. I played nearly perfectly last night, a slight buzz from the vodka. Which it's always nicer when you win, Grandma hates. She's such a sore loser—and an insufferable winner.

Now that the weather has warmed, I'll be over there more, Grandma's. It's only just a short walk over really. Which I was unwilling to take so frequently in the winter, however. But the trees are blooming now. The bees are buzzing. My eyes are heavy from the hot wind and sun.

Which reminds me of another thread I saw recently on Twitter. A doctor wrote, about the seasons. How we should use them to our advantage, the natural turns. Which you can see we don't really. How New Year's is in the dead of winter. When everything is dead. Versus in the spring, when everything is coming back to life.

An interesting little fact I'd stumbled-across in my reading. From Sam Johnson, I think it was, in Boswell's "Life of Johnson." But I've seen it other places too, where it's noted. That we changed calendars in 1752 from the Gregorian to the current Julian. The dominions of Great Britain, anyway, which included what would then become the United States. That under the Gregorian calendar, New Year's day was celebrated 25 March. Which is my birthday. And stubborn old Scotland, though they changed calendars too, they kept celebrating New Year's in the Spring.

But that thread on Twitter by that doctor about seasons gave words to how I've been feeling. And A.J.A. Cortes always raves about it, the sun. How it gives us energy. Like Superman. Or Captain Planet. I've been feeling the effects of, returning home from the job in the morning when it's light now, just passed sunrise currently. I get to watch on the walk. Which is one of the perks of the job, my walks. And when I return home after a night of "working" even, how I'm so full of energy now. It's been so difficult to sleep in the day. So I haven't much been. And I walk round with heavy, tired eyes, invincible still.

So yesterday I was over at Grandma's for dinner and cards. To-day, later on, I'll go to the cousin's for a birthday party for the little one. Dad's birthday is later this week. And one of the sisters wants to go out to some pizza place for it. So I'll go, I suppose, eventhough I hate doing much—in the way of going out and about—during the week when I must go to the job at night. And then next weekend, there's some other event happening Saturday with the family. And Sunday is mother's day. A few more weeks, and it's mom's birthday, and then father's day. And in between, I'm sure there'll be something happening for Memorial Day at the end of the month.

It's that time of year. Where we all crawl out of our holes. Or I do anyway. And buzzing all round we go, we must be careful. Because blind activity is only a distraction.

Yesterday even, I returned from the job in the morning, slept for only about 4 hours, woke, and began working immediately till I left to walk over to Grandma's. I was stuck on building this damn multidimensional array in PHP. I couldn't find a solution anywhere. So I dropped it. I ate. I had a shower. And it was there I had the idea, in the shower. So I dried, returned to the computer, and hacked together only a tiny little code—of which I was very proud. With only enough time to spare to walk over to Grandma's to make it there in time for dinner—and then cards, and then the walk back home.

Despite all this sun-energy, I'll be getting burned out here soon, I'm sure. Because besides all this, I've been writing here and there—of course. I been working a lot on coding. And soon too, I'll buy this Adobe Creative Cloud. Which will cost about $300 for the year. So I'll be getting as much use out of that as I can.

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