4 June 2017

Survive the Flood, Noah

by Andrew

God flooded the world because the world had gone to shit. And Noah survived. And Noah began again—new—life.

It was maybe my second week here in Portugal. I had ducked into a cafe in the heart of P—— because the sky had darked and rain was approaching. On the TV inside the cafe, the guy had on in English with Portuguse subtitles some conspiracy-theory-like show on the History Channel.

I was a bit annoyed. At the time, I had zero desire to hear English. And I hadn't in weeks. And now I am trapped in this cafe because of the rain with the television blaring English. But I read the Portuguese subtitles, and I think it helped a bit.

The show was about this, about "The Great Flood." How nearly all religions and civilizations have it recorded, this flood, in whatever way. And they were giving examples.

And God—or whatever—will flood the Earth again. It's happening now even. And then they gave more examples.

And I agree completely, just in a different way. Humans are a virus to the Earth. And now humans, a product of that Earth, when they catch a virus, they sneeze and they get a fever to burn-out that virus. And the Earth is doing that now to humans, burning them out. What happens in nature—humans get a fever—is truth. And truth is truth because it can be applied universally—the Earth catching a fever. And that is natural philosophy. But that is a different thing.

But the rain stopt. And I payed immediately for my café and left that cafe. And it continued to rain on and off—more on than off—for 4 more days. And I live outside,—out in that rain—but I ducked into cafes when I could. And my skin was so cold and clammy by the end of that, constantly wet, everything I own. And then out came the sun and dried-up all the rain. And I felt like Noah must have felt.

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