26 August 2017

"Summer's Almost Gone"

by Andrew

"Where will we be, when the summer is gone?" It already is gone here, it seems like. My Grandma 3 weeks ago even predicted an early autumn. The leaves are starting to change, she said. What leaves? I said. They looked the same to me. The temperature, however, since then, has not been much above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Fall has already arrived it does feel.

And my walks are nice. To work, they're especially nice, my walks, carrying the backback. I don't sweat so much. I carry the clothes I wear to work in the backpack, which I change into when I do arrive to work. I'll boycott the uniform when it comes time that I must get one. I must make it through my probation period first, 90 days. I will—unfortunately fortunate. And then I get a voucher to go and get the uniform some place. But I have no car. And I've no idea where this uniform place is. So I'll never go. And I'll continue not to wear the uniform. They can take me to go get it, the damn uniform, if they want me to wear it so badly, is how I feel. They're assuming, that I have a car, that to go and get a uniform is no big chore. But look, it is. You can pay me for my time, the time it takes to go and get the damn uniform, if you want me to get it so badly.

Andrew, they will say, it's been 3 months since we gave you your uniform voucher. Where is your uniform? Well you see, the uniform place is 20 miles away. That's 40 miles roundtrip. I don't have a car. What do you want me to do? I must beg someone for a ride? That's awfully inconvenient. I must walk those 40 miles? That also is very inconvenient. Even if I had a car. That's gas money I'm using to go get your damn uniform. I am fine with what I'm wearing, look. Unless you want to take me to go and get the uniform, I'm good. You know, union stuff.

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