15 May 2017

Sleeping With the Sun; Jesus Died For Our Sins

by Andrew

And this is how it should be. You should sleep with the sun. When it rises, the day is begun, and your work should begin. By the time it sets, you should be well exhausted enough to sleep, after a long day of work.

I camp. Mostly I follow this rule. I've always stayed awake late however since a child. So I cheat a bit and sleep after the sun is down already. But for camping, it must be so anyway. It's not good to go to the spot you'll set-up camp and sleep till after dark—till when people are already supposed to be sleeping. And then at first light, you should wake, take-down your camp, and leave, before anyone else really—if they've woke with the sun too—has finished breakfast and yet to even leave the house. You must be a ghost to live camping.

The trouble I most run into is after dark, when people are supposed to be sleeping, they're not, still out and about. People from about 18 to 25 years old I'd say are the ones who I see out late mostly. They're at bars, stumbling down streets, shouting from cars in parking lots. They're most likely to be near the secluded places I try to camp, with a lover, or just generally up to no good they are. You should sleep with the sun, people.

In cities, people are out all night, till 2 or even later. This is vice. Cities are breeding grounds of vice. How am I supposed to sleep? If I can't sleep because people are out drinking, partying, what is this? This is vice. Because of your sins I must suffer and wander all night, after wandering all day too, and then after wandering all night, begin wandering the next day too.

You'd better believe by then though that I'd have wandered my way out of a city. To some little village I'd go, where innocent, good people sleep with the sun. And finally I can sleep too. I understand a bit now finally what they mean when they say, that Jesus died for our sins.

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