23 August 2017

"I Pull Up, Hop Out, Air Out"

by Andrew

I love Twitter. But it's distracting too, Twitter. I been following more bloggers, writers, authors, whatever, reading the posts they post. And they are all so similar, these posts. How to market your book, how to edit your book, how to write, how to set-up your blog, how to SEO an article, keyword search, it's all the same. I click regardless, to see can I hear a different voice on these same, tired topics. It's not their best writing, these writers, I decide, giving them the benefit of the doubt, so cramped they are by these topics they feel they must write of. But it's the only example of their writing I can read, that I can find. Or else buy their book. Sorry, but not from what I've seen will I spend some money. Give me something natural, I want to read, the stretch marks on your ass, something. What color is your grass? Do you smoke it? If not, then what is your vice? We all have them, be out with it.

But this is all distraction, I do know. On my self I should be focusing instead, not worried of others, judging. From my own work only I'm being distracted, reading these posts, commenting about them. But I've already done my work for the day, after the breakfast and tea. And I must go to the job soon too. But till then, I can relax a bit now. And like the rest of these bloggers write top ten lists on how to improve the traffic on websites for the benefit of their readers, I write this, my advice how to improve your blogs, my take on the topic. No "trickery" you should need. No SEO. No tricks to increase traffic, pictures, catchy keywords and titles. Let your writing speak. Let that pop off the screen. That should be your focus. Make your writing so good that it can't be passed. It's too good. Nevermind appearance, pictures, templates, catchy-sounding, SEO'd titles, none of it. Is your writing worth reading? Is it fresh? Can your voice be heard? Do you have one? Because that's the important thing. Or else what are you doing besides making just another website that's like the other 200,000 or so out there that are all the same? You're here to write, I thought—your book, look. Then prove it.

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