9 March 2017

A Product of My Environment

by Andrew

Only 7 of every 10 transplanted plants survive. It's something like that, if not that. The point is, that not every one makes it. No matter how skilled the hand that moves it, some die. Because of the shock they die, of the new environment.

I felt this when I moved to the west coast from the midwest. A month it took me, and I'm still not fully adjusted—months and months later. This humidity nearly is unbearable.

Your environment has a massive effect, like it or not. And I apologize, how I am. But it's your fault too, when I'm snatching that money out your pockets.

And then I drop a little in the sewer, you can be sure. And I buy myself a bit of bread and wine. And I give the rest to the first bum or prostitute I see.

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