2 July 2017

Plainfield, Illinois Crude Oil Train Derailment

by Andrew

Get your crude oil out of here, whoever owns it. We don't want it. It's the weekend of the 4th of July. We want to be out celebrating—which is a conspiracy even, to keep us quite as cows, distracted further. We want to go to our fireworks shows and eat hotdogs and hamburgers and drink beers. What is this crude oil doing here in the way?

It's unacceptable. Now our land is polluted with all this crude oil, Plainfield, and surrounding areas too even,—if it gets into the water, which they'll never admit if it does anyway—Naperville, Joliet, Shorewood. Get this oil out of here. We must live here. Already, we have the refiniery—thank you, Exxon, and Joliet—polluting our air. Just watch the news, the Doppler radar with the weather. Look at that cloud that's always round Plainfield, Shorewood, Joliet, Braidwood, Minooka, Morris, etc. Now they're polluting our land too.

Who will be held accountable? Whoever owns this crude oil should be sued, their practices are unsafe, and now they've damaged where we must live. We should sue and use that money on local education and libraries and health care, the money we'd certainly be paid. This is clearly criminal.

But that won't happen. We're just puppets anyway, tamed cows in pens, the people of the United States. They can spill their oil anywhere, no problem. And to add to the insult, they'll turn-round and sell us that same oil that polluted our land. And we'll buy it too, to be sure. We got to get to our fireworks shows, afterall, and drink our beer—dilute our minds—and eat our hotdogs—our ill-formed cows and pigs. But all this damn crude oil is in the way. But it is the way too. In crude oil we trust.

But not everyone has subscribed to this life of crude oil. Children don't drive. They don't willingly consume this oil. Children just play outside. But they can't now, because outside is polluted. They are innocent here. And this crude oil spill here in Plainfield is criminal—as it is anywhere else.

Building the pipline is safe they say, they say, they say. Nothing will go wrong. But look. It's all gone wrong. They lie, they cheat, they steal for a dollar, these politicians, these business-men. This is criminal, people. Get this crude out of here.

Reader's Comments

This is hilarious. Clearly it was wrote by a liberal.

—Karen, on 5 July 2017

Look how quick you are. "It's probably a damn liberal." It has nothing to do liberal, conservative, democrat, republican. It's all shit. It's rich versus poor, that one percent versus all the rest of America. And all the rest of America is all divided-up arguing like idiots amongst themselves, white, black, mexican, muslim, liberal, conservative. We are all in this together. Bottom line, there's oil polluting our land. And innocents are harmed because of it, conservatives or not. You upper-middle-class—I'm only guessing you are, hoping so in order to continue my point—only like to pretend you're among that one percent. But look how chained to your desks you are, your houses and your cars. You are slaves. You are pets—dogs barking for the real rich, helping to protect their way of life, yet chained to your leash still. You are among the poor more closely than you know. You are the poor.

Andrew, on 5 July 2017
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