22 May 2017

Out Comes the Sun and Dries-Up All the Wind

by Andrew

Yesterday was a nice day—the weather. It was hot. It was about 30 degrees Celsius. The 2 days before that had been cooler, only about 15 degrees Celsius the high temperature, and partly cloudy, and a bit windy. It's always windy here though,—northern Portugal on the coast—the damn wind—the Nortada. But yesterday there was no wind. And it was hot, and mostly sunny.

The sun set while I was in the cafe. I even ran outside to snap a picture of it over the water to send back home, the sunset. I am here. I am broke, yes. But I am here and you are not. I sent to my father. He laughed. He knows I am not like that, so immodest. So it was okay.

Anyway, so I was inside while the sun set. And I had my cafés. Then I left. And it was dark by then. And there was wind now when I stepped outside—that damn wind. And all night that wind blew colder and colder. I barely slept. I woke probably 345 times during the night, cold. And I'd curl back into a ball, my back to the blowing wind, and try to sleep again. It whistled in my ears. Finally it was morning, time to wake, there was light in the sky—though the sun was yet just below the horizon. And there was wind still, but it wasn't so strong as it had been in the night.

I finished packing my few things into my backpack and I was gone from my little spot before the sun did fully break the horizon. It was still a bit windy. And I walked to my morning cafe. It wasn't open yet, the cafe, not for another hour. So I sat outside on the side of the building and used their wifi.

And when I finished there at the cafe and left, the sun was well up by then. And the wind was gone. And like many other nights here, I realized that the wind had come with the sun—or opposite the sun. The wind came with the dark, and dried-up in the sun.

And I noticed this same thing in Spain—always about 40 km.'s away from the night before too. If the day was nice, and at about sunset the wind picked-up, or it became a bit cloudy, then it was a forecast for the next morning. And during the night the weather would become worse and worse. And what change the night had brought would break with sunset, and it would start raining then or be cooler or cloudy. And the other way round it worked too, if it was a shit day, if it was to clear the next day, at sunset I would notice the change to better weather. And by sunrise the next morning, the bad weather from the day before would be broken-up, and it would be a nice day ahead.

And I had read about this before—in Burton I think it was. That sunset and sunrise are very violent, turbulent times in nature. People with ailments or disease or who are just generally sick, they are most likely to die, if they're going to die, at these times, sunrise and sunset. And I understand.

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