30 September 2018

Not Much of a Blogger Here, Google Results

by Andrew

I've tried it, this whole blogging thing. And I'm no good at it, I give up. It's all so ridiculous to me.

Do a duck-duck-go search, for example. Or, let me just stop & drop-in here, because I despise Google. Stop using whatever product of theirs you can. Personally, I've only a reliance on their gmail anymore, till I can figure-out how to get my own email-server—which is already up & running—to push emails to the iPhone, for the convenience.

Look at that, you see? I'm not cut-out for this blogging thing. I fly off topic almost immediately. What am I even writing about, again?

And look at that big-ass, long paragraph above, too. Don't you know blog-paragraphs are only supposed to be a sentence long? or 2 at-max. What an idiot!

Anyway, do a damn Google search, then, if you must, if you're still hooked on that chord. Which, if you've a job, I'm sure you are anyway, I hypothesize, still hooked to mainstream-society's umbilical chord, browsing all round the web on your Google Chrome web-browser, even, I bet. It makes me so sick, you do.

And then you're complaining about some random non-sense, or something. You can't believe that guy's going to be elected a judge. Or else, how you really wish someone would do something for all these poor homeless, build more housing, or something, it's a real shame, these municipalities, a real tragedy. As you sit your plush ass at the job in that air-conditioning, or whatever artificial environment you're in, season-depending, browsing round your beloved Google, sipping a Starbucks frappy, or whatever the hell they're called, they're so tasty. It makes me so sick. When you're the damn problem, yourself.

But do a Google search, then, for example. Something that immediately springs to mind, "how to build a website." Or any other query you can think of. And there they are, all the results.

Now, very juvenilely do I know how to build a website. But I know more than most, it appears. And of course, your query should be more specific. "How to build website from scratch on Linux," or something like this, in order to really find for what you're looking.

But what about unlearned, impressionable minds? They don't know what to ask, what to search. They're just trying to find-out anything.

And so, here they are, all these shit results, pages & pages. Sure, they'll tell you how to build websites & all that,—or whatever the query—but it's in the most dumbed-down way imaginable, the easiest route,—always!—do this & this & this, & buy this here, too, & this, & this. Pages & pages, it's all the same re-regurgitated junk.

Because we're using it wrong, the internet. We've turned it into this swamp of information. When really, all the internet is, is a means-of-communication.

Let that sink in.

We're stuck in this mindset, that the internet is a place to go for information. When really, this is not for what it's meant. We could have turned it into anything,—& still can—but we've turned it into this. We're stuck in the mud, tunnel-vision. And businessmen are taking advantage of this natural hunger of ours for knowledge. They're pumping junk information to us, whatever we'll lap-up, in order to make a quick dollar—the ad impressions & affiliate marketing. Which Google of course endorses, its profit coming mostly from selling these ad impressions, whatever gets us clicking, the top results.

And now, abstract. Our entire society is like this,—or economy, or whatever—is diseased by this greed, pushing low quality junk for money. You must stay vigilant out here, anything to buy. How can you do it for free, by yourself, instead?—whatever it is. This is the way.

And look at that, there's a quick, little blog-post wrote. Which I just continued-over from my ranting like a mad-woman on Twitter.

Though, I'm not helping myself, here, I know. I see it. My beautiful prose, the next step is un-peeling my soul. The practice needed. And I've missed the thing again, commenting on all this outside foolishness, instead.

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