11 July 2017

Neck to Neck With the Check to Check

by Andrew

Why do you want to race neck to neck with those who live check to check? That's from 50 Cent, his Power of the Dollar album. I was repeating the phrase to myself from nowhere over and over the other night on a walk. It was the houses.

They all look the same, these houses. But anyway, they are about $200,000 or so, I'd say, these houses. And some have a pool in the back, so maybe $20,000 more that is. Or they have a new roof, so maybe $20,000 or so more. And all these damn cars, most houses have in front of them at least 3 cars. So that's about $100,000 on top, all together, the cars. Without even including all the junk inside, that's $300,000.

And that Kendrick Lamar verse came to my mind, that home invasion sounds persuasive. From 9 to 5 I know it's vacant. And I understand. If I had only $1,000 in my pocket right now, I'd be good for months. How I know to live. And I am broke staring at $300,000 here and $300,000 there.

But it's night of course,—my walks—passed midnight. And everyone is home. But no one is awake. I was walking to my mother's from my grandmother's at 22:30,—not even so late really—and even then there was no one outside.

Most of these houses have porches too. And finally the sun had set and the temperature outside was pleasant for the first time all day. But these houses were dark. People were already sleeping. They must wake for work in the morning afterall.

They must wake for work in the morning because that $300,000 is not theirs really. They spoke for it, mortgages and loans, and they must continue working to pay. They are slaves to their shit truly. Look at this beautiful night, and look at your beautiful porch on your beautiful home. And you are not even enjoying it. And every day we crawl closer and closer to death. And you are enjoying nothing. You must go to sleep because you must go to work to afford all your shit—and it is all shit to be sure, plastic, playschool homes, tinfoil cars. And life passes-by, another day gone.

And let's say I finally did get drove to home invasion. The cops would chase me, to protect your home. But your home is what keeps you in chains. And cops are protecting that. So maybe I stole some shit. And I get my wrist slapped. But it's you who the cops hurt even more. They are dogs, cops, to protect the herd. Get back to work and pay for that home, now, they are saying, these cops. We got the robber, now get back to work and pay for that home. It's funny really—or sad really. I'm lauging as I write—trying not to cry. Dogs protect cows in their pens from wolves. The cows are only protected to be shipped off to the butcher, to give the farmer a couple bucks. The cops are there to make sure you get back to work so that you can get back to paying for your shit.

Why subscribe to that? Now, it would be different if that home I payed for, and the cars. So I wouldn't be forced then to go to work to pay, because they are already paid, the house and cars. I would be free to quit my job if that job treated me like shit. I would be able to stay awake till 22:30 to enjoy a nice evening on my nice porch. I would have the time myself to sit outside with a shotgun and protect my own home instead of having to rely on the dogs, the cops. But that's not how it goes.

Tom likes to talk about his beautiful home, to me especially he likes to talk about his beautiful home, since I don't have one myself. And he asks, don't I like the plush, leather seats in his new Lincoln. Because I have no car. And he is proud of his house and his cars, Tom. But he must go to sleep now, he says. Because he must go to work in the morning so that he can continue paying for his house and cars.

All this opulence people have,—which they don't even really have really—but no freedom. If they would only live in their means. But because Tom has a nice home and cars, then Fred must have a nice home and cars too. And Tina too must have a nice house and cars because Tom and Fred have a nice house and cars. Surely she won't be the only one without a nice home and cars. So she too will live in debt, a slave, a cow in its pen, just so that Tom and John and Dave all see that she also has some nice shit, why not.

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