15 October 2017

Music to Listen to While Writing a Novel

by Andrew

Wait, you're writing a novel? Nevermind the music. Congratulations. You decided finally to do, and are doing. I hope anyway, that you're doing. Congratulations anyway. It's quite difficult, I know. Whatever helps you write, then sure. Listen to some music if you must, sure.

Personally, what plays constantly for me is Pandora radio, the 2 Chainz station, tailored to favor 2 Chainz of course, Lil' Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane, Drake, and Jay-Z. Rap and writing mix very well I think. And I listen to absolutely everything, from Classical to Black Metal, and Country in between. The Doors are maybe my absolute favorite, to listen to in general, and Pink Floyd. But I don't find myself turning to these when I write. I turn to rap. They flow, these rappers, word-fondling the beat. And it flows straight through me, straight onto the page. Or something like that.

I can listen to it absentmindedly, rap. I know all these songs so well, I listen so much. So I'm not focusing on the music at all. Else I'd not be able to write. Doing more than one thing at once—writing and listening to music, for example—decreases the quality of whatever it is the things that you're doing. I generally find. For men especially. Women are more likely able to balance this multi-tasking. That mother-instinct, I call it. The dishes and dinner and such while the kids cry. Which is terrible. But it seems so. And with writing, quality should certainly be the focus. But with rap playing in the background, for me anyway, I find on the contrary, that it improves the quality of what I write. Or if it doesn't improve the quality, it at least influences mediocrity. I can focus yet while listening to rap.

So I suggest that. Find some music you like. That you can listen to without really focusing because you know it so well. But you still hear it. It influences, slightly.

And all about that congratulations-stuff I was saying before. We tell others what we'd most like to hear ourselves. Keep that in mind and see for yourself next time. We compliment most where we'd like to be complimented. So about this congratulations, I take it back. An Indian-giver, to boot. Now get back to work, damnit, a big boot in the ass. Go on, then, and finish that novel. I don't want to hear about it otherwise. Unless I can read it. Congratulations? Where's it at then? Pop on some music, them headphones or earbuds, and get back to work, distracting yourself, only, reading all this other junk.

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