24 Februaury 2017

Living Rich Living Poor

by Andrew

That I am poor, there is no doubt. But it's okay. I've been living like a rich man.

Look at my writing. I don't even worry about it. Let it be what it is. Maybe sometime I'll start to say something eventually. But I got the mechanics of it. And writing is——

I'd almost wrote there, that writing is a rich man's art. But that's not it. Poor guys write. An art of luxury I was going to say writing is. Good writers get good because they have wealth, and they can read and write all day, and study languages. You must afford books, and time. You have to be wealthy. But poor guys do it too—to be sure.

But that was my main argument, to demonstrate that I've been living richly. Otherwise, I'm sure glad this tax return came when it did. But that hunger still has just been barely quieted—it's only just been sedated just a touch.

So you can see, I've been living poor. But pink is the new black. And poor is the new rich. Ha! How's that then?

I like these little snippets I've been ripping-off—scratching, ripping-off, the pen on page, ripping-off, not that ripping-off. Like little shots of espresso they are, like Slipknot songs, and some System of a Down songs too. Seth Godin writes like this, doesn't he? I know I read at least 2 of his books back in '09, around there, but I couldn't tell you a thing that they're about. But I'm like that with books, devour and digest, and onto the next meal. It all goes to the good.

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