3 March 2017

Let Me Stretch-Out My Arms Here a Bit

by Andrew

And let me get comfortable. I'm going to be here awhile—for awhile longer at least. Like I plan to do.

Yesterday was a bad day. I lash-out when I'm angry. But it wasn't so bad. I did nothing rash. Don't do things when you're angry.

I've always heard that, not to do things when you're angry. And I understand it's importance. But when I'm angry, I'm never like, hey, you're angry, so don't even make decisions. And I've never really afterwards reflected-upon thankfully that I did make no rash decision in haste. But I did reflect-upon that yesterday. So maybe now I'll be more aware too when I am angry, in the midst of it.

Then maybe I can begin hacking-away at that anger. But, by thinking of this now even, maybe I won't be so quick to that anger. There is a peace coming over me, I can feel. And I'm going to do everything I can to cultivate it.

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