19 July 2017

It's the Feds.'s

by Andrew

I was unsure to whom that oil belonged from that crude oil train derailment in Plainfield, Illinois the other week. Till I saw an article yesterday in the Herald News. It's the Feds.'s oil, if it's them whom Plainfield is suing.

And I've had about enough of this damn government. We need to make a toll on the railroad. If they—the federal government, they—want to bring this dirty crude through our towns, then they can pay us. Because look, it's dangerous. It destroys our land. Or even better, I'd rather have it that we got the railroad out of our towns completely. Blow the tracks. Make them rebuild and go around. Let the next town deal with the problem. Because we won't. We want this dirty crude out of here.

But that won't happen, that we'll get the railroad completely out of town. Though it should. But we definitely must be charging whoever it is who uses that railroad then. If they want to bring trains of harmful materials through our land, they must pay. Because look, things go wrong. We're accepting this huge risk for nothing otherwise.

We have an abundance of cops anyway. All day I see them driving round. Let's let them police the railroads instead our poor people. And we'll make them pay handsomely, whoever uses the railroad, or they can find somewhere else to go if they don't like it. And if they pay, we'll use the money on local education and libraries and health care. And if they go, then good riddance.

We're sick of this dirty crude. There is an ad on Pandora radio that's completely disgusting. It's for Dawn dishsoap. Dawn dishsoap is so good, the ad says, that it can wash the oil off of birds that have been contaminated in oil. No, Dawn, you don't understand. These birds should not be contaminated in the first place. We will not wash them off with your damn dishsoap. They should not need washed off in the first place.

And after the railroad is tolled, we'll work on getting Exxon in Joliet to pay us too. Or else they can get gone too. Because look, I was born here, I can't help it. My family is from here. And you are destroying our land with this dirty crude. You are destroying our health. You can get gone. Or you can pay handsomely for harming all these peoples's health. Or Plainfield and Joliet will have to pay me to up-and-move, so that I can get safe. If Plainfield and Joliet will take no action against the federal government for destroying our land and putting our people in the way of harm,—innocent people—then they can pay for my home somewhere safe from all this filth. Or else someone must pay.

Or maybe they already do. Maybe the federal government already does pay Illinois in order to transport its crude through here. If not, they must start. But if so, then where is this money going, Illinois? Put it into our schools and our libraries and our health care. Or else where is this money going? Or if we are getting no money, then we must make them pay.

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