17 July 2017

It's In the Air

by Andrew

An artist is an instrument tuned into that rhythm that's in the air. And the job of an artist is to transcribe that rhythm with what instrument they've learned to master. To become an artist, then, you must learn to tap into that mysterious correspondence with nature, that rhythm that's in the air—if it can indeed be learned. And then of course you must learn to master the weapon you've chosen with which to transcribe. So really then,—if it can be learned—or even if can't, some multiple maybe naturally born—there can be any number of artists tapped into that current that does float through the air, that vein of truth.

It's no coincidence then when large discoveries are made at the same time by different artists who may even be located across the globe from another. Because it's there, in the the air, the discovery, whatever it is, just waiting to be plucked, so to speak. Calculus, for example, was dicovered by Newton and Leibniz at the same time. The element oxygen was discovered at the same time by a few different chemists. And a few other elements were found the same way, I've read in passing, if I remember correctly—from an introductory Chemistry textbook for university. The theory of evolution was advanced forward at nearly the same time by both Darwin and Wallace.

And Bob Marley was tapped into that rhythm too. I'm convinced. And Jimi Hendrix was too, and so was Henry Miller. They all of them were foretelling the artists of to-day.

And here we are, to-day. And what's in the air now? Well, Jay-Z is tapped in. I can tell you that. Kendrick Lamar is tapped in too. And Lil' Wayne is tapped in too, as high off of drugs as he is, like Homer, the blind bard. Like John the Baptist the artists of today are. The Earth trembles—and therefore rejoices too. It's nearly time, you people of Earth—our time. We're bringing the ugly, that front that you see in the sky approaching, riders of the storm. Olá. We're here.

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