9 October 2017

Is Going to College Worth It?

by Andrew

No, the simple answer, college is not worth it. Have you seen the movie "Good Will Hunting?" With a library card, paying only the occasional late fee here and there, you can get an education. So why go to college? Especially when you must pay for it so much—if indeed it is you who pays.

No, college is not worth it, paying like that so much, if it's an education you seek. Because college is not about the education. It's about credentials. Go to college, pay for it, and then—and almost only then—we allow you into the big-leagues, the better-paying jobs,—maybe—the majority of companies.

Or go online instead of the library. You want to go to Harvard? But you can't afford it? Look online at their courses, the syllabus, which textbooks they use. Study on your own, read the textbooks. Sure, with a professor you maybe get—maybe—a guided push when that study becomes difficult. But what are professors? All their life they've spent on campus. Or, they've been on campus the entire time for that doctorate at least, cozy and comfortable. They've been privileged, generally, not having to rub elbows with the working-folk. Working-folk who in the meantime are stuck working long hours for low pay in order to just barely eat.

No, learn on your own instead, however you must. Not from these professors who know only leisure. Get hungry. If you hit a roadblock in your studies, figure it out. Or don't. Move on to the next thing then.

Look what college is pumping-out anyway—with very few exceptions. Sure, maybe you got an MBA. But do you have any real, tangible skills that you can use to make money this very minute? Because that's what it takes. Or else, why are you looking for a job? You have your meal ticket now with your degree, you think. You expect a job now, you hope. But you are useless yet. Go make some money on your own, then, if you can—but you can't. You need a job, you see.

College is not worth it, no. Learn on your own what you need to learn in order to make some money instead. Unless your heart is set on becoming something for which you must earn the proper credentials—doctor, lawyer. Or else you'll learn whatever it is you need to learn eventually, doing it like that, studying on your own—if you'll not become distracted. You can do it, come on. You force yourself. You must eat.

College is only an excuse. It's fear. It's failing to get out there and figure-out how to survive on your own. College is that comfortable, paved path, it's supposed to be. But college is a scam, to put you in debt. And then to send you off to the lists in order that you pay that debt, working these jobs. It's a business, college. And business is business—in business with other business. They will take from you everything they can, for as little as they can—the lackluster education they provide. And they likely get a cut from these companies to which they ship you off to too. This is capitalism, what you thought? It's all about the money, honey. You must pay to play, if you want to get the money too, almost like a Ponzi scheme.

But you can say no, choosing not to participate in this system of shit, this vicious cycle of paid slavery, paying to even earn the credentials to join those ranks, the fools in chains who pretend they've been educated because they've attended some classes back in college between bouts of binge drinking. You can study on your own. You can learn directly what it is that you need to learn in order to survive. Without the comfort of a campus, which comfort only creates weakness—plastic molds of people in brown plastic pants, who may look the part, yes, all dressed up with a degree, but they are useless yet.

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