12 October 2017

Is Going to College Really Worth It?

by Andrew

Look, I was maybe a bit unfair in my last little article, or essay, 'Is Going to College Worth It?' I do admit I am extremely biased against college. And I must also admit, that college can be worth it, in the end.

Maybe you do decide to skip college. You strike-out on your own, hit the road. You'll pave your own path, damnit, for better or for worse. But that is a jungle out there. And maybe some tiger or some panther or something gets ahold of you. Maybe you fail, or you get lost.

It's a lot of responsibility to study on your own. First, what do you even study? And, if you ever do discover, will you continue with that study for however long it takes to complete? Because there are distractions everywhere—drugs, alcohol, men or women, a somewhat decent job that requires no degree, which pays handsomely enough, though maybe destroys your health. But there are also some good jobs out there that will hire a capable employee regardless of a degree or not. As it should be. But they are few. And maybe they catch you in their thorns, these distractions. You lose your way.

And then you wish, that you had just went to college afterall. You should have listened. You should have taken the easy road. The road that everyone else takes. You should have followed them, the herd, for safety. A nice job in an office, dressed in slacks or a suit, comfortable in the air conditioning, making enough money to afford your house in the suburbs, your cars, and your 8 televisions and cable bill, it all sounds so much nicer.

Because the alternative is not so glamorous. Every day out in that jungle you're rained on, forced to roll round continuously in the mud, attempting to make it through, out to the other side, all surrounded by predators, who'd have your life if they can—or your money certainly. And indeed, some won't make it out that jungle, you can be sure.

Yeah, college is much safer. It's tried-and-true. Everyone has done it, or is doing it. You get yourself a little education there. You have a little fun, meet some friends, go out on Thursdays and Fridays and Saturdays to the festivities round campus. You make connections, do a little homework. You take a couple exams, show to some classes, write a few papers. Nice, long vacations you get. Yeah, college is nice. Memories that'll last a lifetime, the good-old-days. And when it's all done, you get a nice job that you can dress all fancy for every day—no physical labor—for which you're paid handsomely to look busy, sound important. You can pay your debts, get some new ones, bigger ones, houses, boats, vacation homes. You can afford it all. And all you have to do is keep showing every week to work till you're old enough to retire. You did it. You've been taken care of,—health care, good benefits, a nice fat retirement plan, big salary—and all you had to do was join the club, go to college, go to the job. Yeah, that's the way to go.

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