10 July 2017

Illinois Lottery Corruption

by Andrew

Five years ago or so in Champaign, Illinois I was. Listening to Pandora radio, I heard an ad—they're location-based, the ads on Pandora. Buy your Illinois Lottery ticket now, of which some of the profits will go to breast cancer research.

But this was maybe only 2 months or less after a story I'd heard on the news—watching it only in passing, I'm sure, the news. Illinois Lottery was in trouble for not paying winners. The government was so broke, that they were keeping the money.

And just last week I heard, that Powerball and Mega Million lotteries were leaving Illinois—our budget problem, they'd not like the government stealing their lotteries probably. But now they're back I guess. And Illinois can buy lottery tickets for those again.

But who is taking this money anyway? And where is it going? Because Illinois is still broke. And a bill was just un-vetoed—or whatever—in Springfield to increase taxes. Which is why Powerball and Mega Million have returned, the tax increase a budget I suppose.

So taxpayers are paying to allow Powerball and Mega Million back into the state. And the government is taking money from the lotteries to pay the bills. And they're enticing people to spend money on these lottery tickets by saying, that profits benefit research for sicknesses—which profits are being stolen instead. But still we're broke, Illinois.

This is like that crude oil train derailment in Plainfield, Illinois. The train crashed, spilled oil everywhere. Some guys came-in, cleaned. But when they're done, whenever that'll be, responsibility for the mess that'll remain goes to local authorities. Like the problem was just dumped on us.

Look, we didn't want this oil. We don't want to be cleaning it. But we must clean it? And then they'll turn-round and sell us that same spilled oil. So on both ends they're screwing us. They shit on us. And they make us eat it too. And then their mouths get fed when they sell back to us what's leftover.

This lottery thing—whatever's going-on here—is like that. Like we're being shit on—lied to—or taken-advantage-of at least. Here, buy lottery tickets for this great cause, for cancer research. Which we'll steal. And then we'll raise taxes too, because we couldn't steal enough. So we'll just steal more to pay our bills.

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