19 September 2017

The Idea Behind the James Altucher Idea Machine—or, an Idea at Least, Applied to Blogs

by Andrew

James Altucher is wonderful. The guru of self-help I've seen him called. He says the things I wish a lot more would say, of those with some sort of platform at all. He's a bit controversial, like that great Dane, David Heinemeier Hansson, and like me too of course, the dog I am, our views on things, often opposite popular opinion. "Just because people gravitate to something doesn't make it good or right." Outside the pen looking-in we are, poking and prodding. Or I'm poking and prodding I know anyway. And I'm still in the pen really, camouflaged, working still in the trenches. I can't speak for them. But this James Altucher is wonderful regardless.

He has this idea he promotes, Altucher. It's called the idea machine. My summary of it is, that you're every day to write 10 ideas. For 6 months, I've seen him recommend, you write 10 ideas a day. Like stretching your muscles this is, like stretching your legs before a run, stretching your brain before some activity. That's the idea of it. Reading in general does this too, I'd say. Or it feels like to me. Entire books held in your head expands it a bit, the brain. But this idea machine more encourages creativity than just simply reading. It makes those creative muscles move too.

I stumbled-upon Altucher and his idea machine just about the time I was finishing this site, getting it online. So now I had a website. But I had nothing to write. And then I saw it, the James Altucher idea machine. Damn, I thought to myself. I should have been following this advice 6 months ago, writing 10 ideas every day. So that I'd have an entire list of ideas from which to choose about what to write.

So that's the idea then, my idea, applying Altucher's idea machine. Build a blog. From the ground up, from scratch, it takes about that long to make, I'd say, 6 months. And that's how it should be built, a blog, in my opinion, from the ground up, so that you're not reliant on Blogger or Wordpress, or anything else, reliant on as little as possible—only a very cheap web-server somewhere in Arkansas, and a DNS-server I suppose too. Build a blog. Write 10 ideas a day while you do. So that, once you finish, and you're ready to write, you have all these ideas from which to choose to write. Then you're off-and-running. Or build as many blogs as ideas you have even. Each idea is a blog, for example, a website its own, little tendrils in all directions.

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