28 September 2017

How to Survive Without Any Money

by Andrew

You'd better get used to it. The next financial collapse will be worse than '08 I suspect. These things come in waves afterall, like everything else in life. The bad times follow the good times, and so on and on. Another financial disaster is certain to occur. And it'll either be worse than before, or else it'll be not as terrible. The former more likely will be the case. We've never really fixed the leak, so to speak, the United States, the debt. We've only gone in for the cheap fix, patching the hole with some glue or some tape or something, instead of changing the whole pipe itself. Which only makes the leak worse, till eventually you're forced to change the entire thing. Or else you find a new way to get the water.

Most the country—the United States—is poor, if they believe it or not. We'll all be forced to live with less, once we're squeezed dry of what tiny stash of cash we do have, once disaster does hit. Look, it's already happening, even in this supposed prosperity, people are being forced to live with less.

If you want to participate in all this nonsense, modern society, overpriced, plastic food at the grocery store, nice, new, plastic cars, expensive gas, big, plastic homes, big TV's, big cable bills, big everything, more, more, more, then you must pay. And you must work to get the money to pay. But really, it's all junk, anything to buy, if only you'd just notice. Still, however, you want more, for whatever reason. Like monkeys on speed we're trained, scratching ourselves raw if we've no money to spend for our next fix. Your cash is being sucked away from you, like it or not, and you don't even realize.

But you'll notice when everything is gone, certainly—maybe. When your job is gone. When all your money is spent. What will you do then? Luckily, I'm here to tell you, that you can survive still, believe it or not. You don't need a thing actually, a single possesion, besides maybe the clothes on your back. All you must do is eat and sleep and stay warm.

When you have no money, food can still be got. This is America, afterall, the United States. To get a little bit of money is easy enough. You can stand on a street corner for maybe an hour, begging, and get maybe enough money to eat with for a month. If you know what to eat. You need nutritious food, staples—potatoes, rice, oatmeal, cornmeal, beans. If the price for these things likely soars, you can grow them yourself, if it gets that bad. Otherwise, I'm sure you can scrape up a couple dollars for a few big bags of the stuff, it's so cheap. And this is on what you spend your money only, food. Water can be got from rivers and streams and such, or even collected from the rain, boiled in a pot, thrown in a plastic bottle, and drank when needed. Or you can survive off peoples's waste. If you're not so particular about what you eat. From about 10 bags of garbage, on average I'd say, you can gather a feast.

To sleep is important. But you can sleep anywhere. A sleeping bag is nice, synthetic insulation preferably, because it will rain naturally, eventually. Synthetic insulation stays warm even when wet, polyester. A synthetic sleeping bag is a very nice, affordable investment—those Army MSS bags specifically. You don't need to break the bank. Or else any polyester cloth that can be got will work the same. Throw some corrugated cardboard on the ground, to keep yourself insulated, because the ground will otherwise steal your heat. Throw down your sleeping bag or polyester cloth on the cardboard, and sleep. Or maybe it rains. So string some nylon above you to keep the rain from getting you wet. In winter, make a shelter from branches, if you must, to protect from the snow. But avoid snow if you can.

In the warmer months, and warmer climates, it's not so difficult to stay warm. But even in these places, it can get cold at night. The clothes you wear are important. Rain can never be avoided completely. So you need clothes that are warm even when wet. No cotton, as a rule. It sucks the heat from your body when wet, cotton. Wool is perhaps the best fabric, so warm even when wet. And it takes moisture away from your body. But wool is expensive, generally. So polyester is a nice, cheap alternative, warm even when wet. But it doesn't hide smell so well as wool, polyester—if it even matters at that point. But it will keep you warm, polyester.

And you just march along, trying to stay as dry and warm as possible, fed, and rested. Maybe avoid other people. They'll only want your shit—products of society, they can't be blamed. But you have nothing anyway for them to take. And so it goes.

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