9 September 2017

How Can I Make Some Money Right Now?

by Andrew

Enough that I don't have to waste my time at a job. I want that. Here's how I'd do it. I'm open to suggestions—if you've got them.

I'd put some Linux on the computer, throw up a website, and sell some...paintings. I'll go get paint. We'll paint. My paintings sell, I get all the money. Yours sell, I get 10%, since it's my website afterall. I'll sell each painting for $200. Sell 5 a month, fine. I need a big audience with some money to waste then—America, the United States. So I must build a network. I want 100,000 eyes at least to see that I'm selling some paintings. With so many eyes, I can sell 5 paintings certainly. And you know what, I'll take 20% from you, now that I think about it, building the website and the network. All you're doing is painting the pictures. I'm doing all the work really, the coding and the painting atop too.

Then I turn round and sell those 100,000 eyes an app. You want a website to sell some stuff too? Here, download it for free. You want the convenience of accessing that website on your phone with an app., then pay me $100 a year for the app. I bet I get a couple hundred bites. Even just 100 is $10,000. But I bet I get more.

I been studying 10 years to paint too, practicing in the meantime. That's the catch. I give you the keys to the castle, give you a website to sell your own stuff, and an app. to manage it all-the-easier. But you don't have the furniture, so to speak, to fill the castle. You just started painting yesterday, because you saw you could make from it some money. People's greed, used against them—not so terribly either, I don't think, a harmless scam. I put in the leg-work long before. That's the secret. That's the difference between scam and opportunity—you and me. I learned first to paint. I'm way ahead the game, besides those with the natural talent. So I welcome the competition I create.

It seems easier to me, this, than sitting all those years in college, paying that debt, getting some corporate job, and waiting for my pot in which to piss—which I'll only maybe get, hopefully. It seems easier than learning to sail, floating down to Bolivia, buying a kilo of cocaine for $8,000, selling it in the States for $40,000, undercutting the market even, 8-balls for $120. It seems easier to you too, I imagine—the hook set.

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