28 Februaury 2017

Guerrilla Blogging

by Andrew

This is a clever, little term I think I've coined for myself, a guerrilla blog, or guerrilla blogging. Everything else on Google guerrilla blogging related is about guerrilla marketing. And that's some pretty clever stuff, some guerrilla marketing. But that's not what I mean by this, guerrilla blogging.

I don't even key-word-stuff purposely I'm realizing. I do it naturally. It's from the Latin. I don't even really know how it's from Latin. But I'm positive it is. I try to be precise about that which I'm writing, connecting it all back.

In a couple ways I can think that this is a guerrilla blog. One, I've lived like that, as a bum. And a bum is a type of guerrilla—a non-violent one, to be sure, just too poor to be—though persecuted differently. And two, the site itself is guerrilla. I made it in my garage, so to speak.

I've read stories of guerrilla radio. Up in the mountains, people make a radio station. That would be interesting to do I think, just to make it. But in a way that is how this blog is also guerrilla. Mike Will made it.

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