28 May 2017

A Good Investment

by Andrew

I have such a difficult time spending money on anything but food or a café, my money is so low. It hurt to pay the €10 it cost for a pan from the China store, and candles and bean cans to make my first bean-can-stove. It works well, however, that experiment, cooking food over a bean-can-stove, so that wasn't so bad afterall.

But on paints I wasted €10 more. Watercolors I bought, and brushes and paper and pens, €10 at the China store. I'd paint pictures and sell them to the peregrinos as they pass, the plan, donativo, pay as you feel. I had drawn as a child afterall. How hard can it be to paint?

But I am shit at painting, I found-out. And the pens didn't even work, dried-out they were from sitting there at the store so long,—damn China store—felt-tips sold as and disguised as ball-points. And half the paints exploded in the heat of the day as I opened them.

I'll practice painting more I suppose with what paints I have remaining. But to practice is even difficult, homeless. It must be a perfect day,—not too hot, no rain or wind—which is rare here, a day like that. So that's €10 gone, unless I can make at least a few pictures decent enough to sell, to at least make-back my money.

So, after that, the paints, I've been very reluctant to spend more money. But, damnit, I saw a notebook the other day at the supermercado. This was at the expensive supermarket, so it was €1 there. But I saw more notebooks at the cheaper supermarket. Only the price wasn't marked.

So for 2 days now a damn notebook has been on my mind. I'll just ask the price of them the next time I'm there,—which is daily—I decided. But I forgot. But I don't like talking to that lady anyway. I never can understand her, the big words she uses. She always laughs at me I feel like as I leave, there goes the idiot.

But I remembered this morning. And I love that guy's voice. That is his daughter who works there too, I am certain, because her voice is beautiful too, though deep for a woman, still beautiful. But he missed his calling, that guy. He should work radio. But, não muito, he said it would be, as he typed into the register the UPC for the second time. It came-up €0,45.

And now I have a nice, little notebook in which to write. And it is my best investment yet. From the lowest cost even, I'll get the most value.

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