15 November 2017

Escape the 9-to-5

by Andrew

My political views are changing. I feel it. Since I won't be considered a nasty Populist. I'm like a green Republican at the very core, really, I'd call it, mixed in a Democratic melting-pot—the green liberal-right, I call it.

The average 9-to-5 work-life, you can live off of that. And you can live comfortably—in the States, I know at least. It's a good option for some. You trade your time for certainty,—you hope—for comfort, to take care of your family. No problem. That's noble.

But I still view it as slavery, this 9-to-5-life. It's a miserable way to live, it appears to me. In all my experiences, I've not found a single good employer. They're all trying to pull one over on me, it always feels like, trying to take advantage of me. And if it happens at one place, it happens at all of them—or it will eventually. And I have millions of other tired complaints.

But that's the thing exactly. For some, this life is enough. And the option is there, to work each day,—however miserable it sounds to others—fine.

But to those others, to whom this 9-to-5 sounds unbearable, there are also options. You can escape, if you will. It's not so easy of course. Nothing is ever so easy. Escaping the halting grind of the masses, it will be difficult by definition, swimming against the current.

But swim you do. Because you can. You find a way.

But that's the beauty of it I suppose—my Republican leanings. Opportunity is there to be took. If you will. You can climb, if you want. Otherwise, go ahead and work your 9-to-5 job, no problem. Stay where you are. You have the option either way at least.

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