24 August 2018

Dirty Chickens Boil In the Wind, You Turkey

by Andrew

I need to write. I've been inactive, no painting or coding either. Been reading a bit, though, at least, Pliny's tome "Natural History." Very interesting stuff in there, right in the beginning, even, book II, of the 37 or so, I think, or 35, or something, about the motion of the planets,—in which I've had an interest in forever—the winds, Earth's geography. Ancient, basic, natural knowledge lost upon the world of to-day, on which he even comments, ol' Pliny, about his own times, round about 50 AD in Rome,—so, about 250 years, then, till the fall, or so?—that the people have become soft in their comfort, that all they pursue is money, not knowledge, which would procure them more money even, that there's no innovation, nor are they looking to the past for knowledge either. Eerie. How familiar it sounds.

I degress, drop the pen for a bit after a chunk of writing, to break-it-up, maybe—or, I don't know—and go scroll-through Twitter. The old man's club. Admission: experience. All the philosophers of death are doing the same to-day, too, it appears. I like when it's like this. When we all pop out of the trees one-by-one, together. And we feed off eachother, creating, expressing, contemplating, refuting, agreeing, all that. This is the power of social media, or Twitter more particularly. We smash our minds together and leave little gems lying round for all to read.

It's a bit dreary out to-day, cloudy still, it rained earlier, and cold. The evergreen out the window looks happy though, bright green, satiated, smiling. Need to walk up to Walmart for some olive oil, I'm almost out, a big jug there, it's cheaper buying in bulk, how much I use the stuff. It looks like the rain is done. But traffic will be a mess, I bet, up there by the interstate, crossing those intersections. It's move-in day down over at the university. Or, it was yesterday, I know I saw, at least, when I was walking round there last weekend.

And it's a good thing I didn't leave, I'm so slow to move. A bit of rain again, I could smell it coming. A weird rain, though, now, like a mist, like in Eugene. It was different earlier, long, regular drops. Wind from the South, it looks like it's blowing.

Which that was an interesting little tract by Pliny, about the winds, how they switch with the seasons, which correspond to the sun's motions, I'd spent about 2 days trying to understand, the zodiak. How the universe, besides the fixed stars, moves on a band of the horizon, only about 47% of what you see, 23.5 degrees north of celestial equator,—which is sun rise and set, true east and west, at the spring and autumn equinoxes—and 23.5 degrees south of that same equator. The different winds are divided by the sun at winter and summer solstice, sunrise and sunset, as far north-east as it rises in the summer, as far north-west as it sets, and how far south-east it rises in winter, and as far south-west as it sets. And when the Dog-star Sirius rises, so many days after the summer solstice, I want to say it is, I need to write-down, which are 30 of the hottest days of the year, it announces, Sirius, like the 2nd sun, which Mehrtash had sent me a picture of the Dog-star, how he'd mentioned the Egyptians worshipped 2 sun gods. That 2nd is Sirius. And then how Arcturus rises 40 days after that, I think it is, or something, which marks the beginning of autumn, the winds switching at all these times, solstice, Dog-star, back to solstice winds, then Arcturus till autumn equinox, I think, then the Pleiades setting, which marks the beginning of winter, I'll have the entire year marked-out. And then which winds do what, some are healthier than the others. His tracts on medicine are massive, though, it looks like, 10 entire books or so.


Never did get to Walmart yesterday. It kept raining on and off till dark, and I wasn't going then. Dreary to-day too. It was raining as I woke, even, only just a bit. The forecast on the phone says the clouds are supposed to break by afternoon, and it's supposed to get hot again, it's been so cool like all week. If I'll get up to Walmart to-day or not. Maybe wait till Monday. Less traffic. It's Saturday this morning. The herd will be out and about, I'm expecting, plus move-in continues, I assume. I don't know. Though the grocery store was nearly dead last night, I was surprised. It was Friday night however, I could hear all the drunken parties in the distance.

I was awake myself last night with a beverage, only a 40 of High Life. But even those get me, still. I'm a bit groggy now, even. Though only slept about 3-and-an-half hours, I'd say it was. Once, I'm up. Opened Twitter. Rise and shine, the little birdies already at it. And then, so am I.

Was reading startupdaemon's missives last night. Which are massive. That "Vegetarian" one was especially delicious. Like how I imagine Shestov would be, having seen a few of his first few pages in "All Things Are Possible" on Amazon. Re-assuring. Which I should have purchased, these damn books are taking so long, I'm so impatient, eager, this JavaScript one especially. Which I find funny, that it's on its way from San Francisco, go figure. Was trolling start-up employees, I think they were, before stuck reading missives. About lean start-ups. Like ahmadthescholor, though, so deadly, these disappearing messages, like snake hisses, different voices out of nowhere surrounding your head, disappearing. Gave them my definition of a lean start-up, the spoiled brats. We're barely able to afford even a little bit of food round here, you're all too comfortable and fat.

About startupdaemon's missives, I was thinking I'd have more to say. But I'll kill the thing, I think, if I try. How refreshing and uplifting they were. Or, the ones I could follow, anyway, I've no concern for the financial markets—yet, anyway, just no money, it's on the to-do list when. About frauds and such, trusting your instinct because you've lived it. You walk it. How you embrace chaos because you know how to operate in it, or you know you can, at least, in confusion, while the others shriek in fright, the illusion of their comfort taken.

Had to go tweet that one, a good one, I'm leaving it regardless, if only to remind myself. And then I got lost browsing-round, of course. No one's round now, however. How we come out of the grass together. But there are the lone wolves too, the fairy godmother, myself, and the dandy. My Twitter commentary. The bleeding-edge of society, only if we were all working together. Just cover the rent, please, thank you.

Thinking I'll keep this a short one, about 3-and-an-half pages only. And then begin working on the next immediately. After I type. Read this damn childish html and css book a bit, to finally get to the damn JavaScript. Get that tract from Pliny on the wind, read a bit more of him. Found some chicken at the grocery store too, I must have just been overlooking before, how I was shocked I thought they didn't sell it. Thighs, 4 of them. Boil up one a day, the meat with rice, and the broth with egg whites either to-morrow or later, later. Only like 9:00. Which I feel good about, having found this chicken, some good food. And the boiled water cooled in the fridge. Tea all day. A good diet, the lean of fat meats, and eggs. And you can never go wrong with water, I'm so sick of beer after last night, the stale taste left on my pallet, requiring a cigarette, then, of course, along with the beer, this crazy perique tobacco I got, which I roll about one a day, I had 2 back-to-back last night, and my tongue is tart, I'm so thirsty.

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