12 May 2017

Com Nada

by Andrew

Almost with nothing I'm prepared and ready to live with. I hide the bag during the day while I wander. In the bag is my sleeping bag, an air mattress, which I never even inflate anymore,—it's broken anyway, when blown-up creates an uncomfortable airbubble at the feet, but still functions to insulate me from the ground—a toiletry bag,—soap and toothbrush and luffa and foldable 5 liter bucket and nail clippers and baby powder,—a clothes-pillow,—a soft bag that doubles as a pillow, especially soft because filled with clothes—the extra clothes, which are only undergarments really, 4 extra pairs of underwear and undershirts, 2 extra pairs of socks, and one dry pair of sleeping clothes,—lightweight long-sleeved shirt and long-johns and 2 pairs of dry socks—all wool the clothes, a bugnet, an extra backpack smashed up against the back the pack to act as a frame for it with a travel towel cut in half to make 2,—very small—and a quick drying pack-cloth,—very, very small—and a chargeable battery for the phone, and a tarp. The rest I wear and carry with me—underwear, undershirt, lightweight and midweight long-sleeved shirts and long-johns, and pair of shorts under jeans, 2 Wal-Mart hoodies, socks, boots, wallet,—a plastic bag—passport, phone, phone charger, headphones, hankerchief, chapstick, tissue paper for shitting anywhere, USB to access server, hat, pen in hat, paper on which to write in bag with tissue paper

If the bag gets found and stolen—my biggest fear—I would be uncomfortable,—for one night—but I'd be okay. The sleeping bag I'd miss, so warm even when wet. But I'd buy some polyester cloth or something from any Chinese store here for almost nothing probably and use that. The air mattress, I'd find cardboard from anywhere instead—corrugated though it must be, no problem—to insulate me from the ground. A new toiletry bag would cost maybe 5 euros. The clothes I'd miss, but I have way too many extra pairs now anyway. I'd miss having one extra pair while I cleaned the dirty pair, that's it. The bugnet is only a luxury item. The foldable bucket I'd miss most then,—for doing laundry—only because I've never seen them anywhere else but at that REI in Eugene. But I could find a bucket anywhere outside some garbage, or even buy one for like a euro. The extra battery, I don't even use now, and is dead-weight only really. The tarp I'd miss. Only because it took me forever to find here in Europe—at a garden store finally. But I've seen hardware and garden stores round here, so I could buy another for 5 euros.

So I'd need 20 euros. I'd just ask for it. And back on my feet I'd be again, no problem.

The biggest thing then, the clothes I wear. And I'm working on improving these even. Instead the Wal-mart hoodies, I found a woven wool hoodie here for 80 euros, which can be had whenever I have the money. And I need a pair of nylon pants to throw-on under the jeans for when it rains, to keep my wool long-johns from getting soaked underneath, which they can get anyway, the long-johns soaked, and still be warm. The price would be nothing for these, some nylon pants, but finding them here is the difficult thing. Then a little backpack I'd need to carry layers as I'd need to pull them off. And one extra pair of undergarments and one extra pair of socks. And a wool jacket to go over everything would be the final touch. And I could sleep in what I wear, no problem.

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