29 July 2017

"But It's a Beautiful Day Outside To-day"

by Andrew

I'm re-reading the blog till now. And I don't much like it to be honest, really. Some posts are okay. Others, I cringe. I'm still not putting into my writing yet the proper feeling that I have. I'm close. I'm just not quite there. But I leave what I have as example—a witness. I'll improve. You'll see—if you will.

The writing is fine. I got that. But there are different ways to write. I'm cramped, let's say. I'm not quite communicating that spark I have, that freedom. But I have an idea I think. It's in the writing too, to just write. Be flippant, the best style that I have.

I had just to look-up the word flippant. That scatter-brain'd way in which I write I meant. That loose style I have, when I play with the words, lost in the words, just dancing, snapping them off,—in a way—like a rapper in a way, a writer—words. But I suppose flippant works correctly. It means—flippant—not showing a serious or respectful attitude, flippant. This scatter-brain'd style of which I speak is a playful one. So,—therefore—not serious it is. And too, I'm so unconcerned if I show respect or not. Mostly I won't, I know. But that's not the point really, to be disrespectful. But flippant works I suppose.

Well there, I just googled some synonyms. Breezy and blithe describe the thing better, keeping flippant in mind. At least I do that, look-up the word.

I have a tiny vocabulary for the most part. Latin has not much helped. I hate to memorize—vocabulary. And I've not become proficient enough to build my vocabulary by repetition. Which only is memorization anyway I suppose, learning vocabulary from repetition. But anyway, my vocabulary is shit. But I work well with what I have. And when I need a certain other word, it just comes—right out of the air.

But others, it happens in speech mostly. Someone will be talking their tiny vocabulary too. But they will throw-in a word that just doesn't fit. It's a big word. I need a dictionary really to be sure what it is. But I'm certain it's not used correctly, how you just said it. Why you just said that? You sound like an idiot, trying to sound intelligent. Don't do that.

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