15 July 2018

Blog-writing and Journal-writing and Science and Art

by Andrew

The internet has this effect, that it makes writers of writers who are not writers. How it takes a more technical turn-of-mind to understand how to operate the internet,—as largely text-based as it is too—versus a more artistic mind. Which more artistic mind writes more creatively, more literately, like literature.

But I think more and more artistically minded are finding themselves on the internet. It gets easier and easier to use, that internet, like anything with time and innovation applied to it. If I can do it, anyone can. And then there will be a rise of the art of literature online. Which is currently lacking. More and more artists will have their own sites and such, control of their content. All that.

Blog-writing is different—like odd. Like you are writing to an audience, definitely. But if you want to write, I suggest keeping a journal too. I sound like Ryan Holiday. But I'm just saying. Journal-writing—to me anyway—is different than blog-writing.

Blog-writing can get so...I don't know...technical, for one, like ordered lists and such, and lots of how-to this and that. Blog-writing is lacking. Journal-writing is more free. There definitely is no audience. So fly, then. If you will. If you can. Whatever.

But maybe that's for shy folks. And blog-writing is no different. Which it shouldn't be, probably. But I always feel like it's to an——

I'm curious to see how the page translates to the screen. I'm writing kind of small, on loose-leaf. If I'll even transcribe to the computer. Which I hate doing. But I hate typing, writing. So damnit.

I got more followers on Twitter! It took me all of about 6 months, I'd say, to go from 100 to 200 followers. It took just over a day to go from 200 to 300 followers. I was thinking about stage-fright, a note to myself. What I was writing about above relates, the more shy thing, blog-writing and journal-writing. How gaining followers progressively destroys stage-fright. You were so nervous when you got 7 followers in a day, you didn't want to lose them. How those 7 followers were more frightening than 100 now. And so on. It gets easier actually.

But new followers are cool. It gives you, like, exposure. Not that more people will see your junk, but that you see more peoples's stuff. Exposure is maybe not the best word. There is maybe a more proper one, a more fitting. But it was the first word to come to mind, and good enough. It opens your frame-of-reference, getting new followers. It exposes you to more. That's what I'm trying to say. More followers gives you more to dig through. Which is cool, finding some stuff to read, tweets, blogs.

I rip on blog-writing a bit because this is my first post in—what?—like a month-and-a-half. And I like to call myself a writer! But if I was relying on blog-writing as my only form of writing, I'd never be a writer, at this rate. And I'm still not a writer proper really. But the constant journaling is always going-on in the background, almost every day. Which is a good habit to get in to, just writing.

If you just learn to write...and read, of course. Classical grammars are recommended, Latin and Greek. And math. But writing is a damn weapon, man. You must write well. That is a requirement.

So in light of having been doing all this journaling of late, I decided I must write a blog post. But about what? Well, nevermind. Just write. It's so difficult for me to stay on topic, anyway, like an instruction manual—like blog-writing!

Which reminds me. That "Motorcycle Maintenance" book I'm reading is pretty good. It gets a bit "heady," however. And I'm only to where it's just calmed back down a bit, as they're on their way to the ocean, I haven't reached the conclusion. But it's been very enjoyable so far. Lots of little gems for thought. Or, if only for the style of it, even, the book. The events happening outside the author's head are the plot, like, but the book is mostly about the thoughts occurring inside his mind, as he was on the motorcycle all day. Like Henry Miller kind of, really. Versus novels, stories. Just writing, conversation. Which is the goal, afterall. So it's been even more an enjoyable book, seeing how it's done. And I've been trying to loosen my style a bit, all this journal-writing. Which is what I did at the job the last 2 nights I worked there, sat at a desk and wrote for the entire time I was there, between coffee breaks and such, pacing round a bit, stretching the legs.

I think it's how I'm going to approach writing now, without the job. Like writing is the job. Each day, set-aside 8 hours for it, whatever you get done. Only distractions allowed are what's conductive to writing, if not writing, like reading, walking, painting, and such. And then do whatever the rest of the day. Have lots of computer work ahead too. But keep seperate. Maybe a week or 2 off when sick of the 8 hours writing routine, a nice change-of-pace, art to science.

It all relates somehow, it's magic—art and science. A nice, hot ball of chaos formed into an apple. My spirit animal is, afterall, the snake in the garden of Eden. Saw a tweet last night about magic, about Joseph and dreams and visions, and Moses and his magic staff. Where has all the magic gone? How I swear, that there used to be magic in the world too. Still is. Still in our blood. But diluted. Only activated in the correct environment, outside, withstanding the onslaught of nature. If you re-connect. But first you must disconnect. Which you're nowhere near doing, honestly, disconnecting.

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