25 February 2018

Black Holes and Enlightenment and Decentraliztion

by Andrew

I think enlightenment properly can be compared to black holes. In seeking enlightenment, we focus on our selfs with such a centralizing force inward that a black-hole-like is created. Which is the chaos of change, a black hole.

Focusing so selfishly inward on our selfs, we disconnect from all that which we find untrue. This is different for everyone I think. And it takes complete honesty to do, being in-tune with your instinct. We disconnect in our own specific way, in whatever way we're meant.

Now since society is status-quo, seeking outside this status-quo creates resistance against you. Which creates pain and hardship—which is the chaos of change. But to our own beat we must continue to march, through all the pain, despite it. We must push ahead fearlessly and uncompromisingly—like we're trapped in an inescapable black hole. Till out the other end we eventually come, enlightened. Where everything is exactly the same as before, but different now,—all distorted—a brand new reality to be created by you.

And this is how society must change. Individually we must each travel through our own black holes. Where we'll all emerge out the other end, different now, with new eyes, left to create—each one of us—a new reality together.

I'm seeing on Twitter decentralization described like this too, similarly to a black hole. That we'll become so centralized and regulated—the government, society—that eventually we'll be squeezed-out enough into decentralization. Which is like social enlightenment, decentralization.

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