26 August 2018

Bird-Watching for Beers and Myers-Briggs Nymphs

by Andrew

Air's thick and hot and heavy to-day, it's only just 8:00 too and it's sweltering already, swampy. The damn firetrucks woke me again, 5:00 this time. Think I passed-out somewhen round 3:00 or so. My eyes were fuzzy at first, hurt. Checked the phone, hopped on Twitter, and popped-off a few tweets to the city, the university, and the fire department. Then watched the impressions till I'd figured they'd red,—eventhough it was only just 5:00—and deleted. But I was up by then, no chance of falling back to sleep. So, time to get to work, then. Naval and Michael Myers—who I suspect, now, is just Naval—had me pissed. But I was tipsy, exactly what I'm working on, mosquitos, that malt liquor, those Colt 45s. But my mind cleared in my little sojourn, I suppose. And I'm full of tweets.

And now, I'm writing, I'll scratch-out a post by afternoon. As boring as they are, it's important to display the practice, the persistence, the whole point.

Fixed my diet last night, I wrote all about it, I had a revelation. Won't be sharing that one though, because it's a mess, just fleshing-out thoughts. Then had another revelation, regardless, which made what I did write irrelevant, anyway.

It's the perfect balance, this diet, protein, carbs. Yes, I have been trying to reduce carbs too, I must, but not into non-existence, it's nearly impossible. So, breakfast, or lunch, or mid-afternoon, or whatever, whenever I wake and am feeling the urge, is about 120 grams of cornmeal cooked in about 240 grams of milk. Now, I'm not body-building or anything, so 0.8 to 1 gram of kilograms-of-weight of protein is fine. Which is—at a little less protein—about 60 grams a day, then—for me. Which cornmeal and milk combo. gives me about 20 grams. And though cornmeal is high in carbs, they're good carbs, with fiber too, which is the sign of good carbs, good fiber with it. And water and tea all day. Just dropped my reliance on honey, too, in the tea, so it's just plain. And then 2nd meal, it rotates, with not very much variety, however. Either 5 eggs fried in olive oil or butter,—about 30 grams of protein, there, then, and good enough on the day, close enough to 60—or else chicken boiled in water, to make chicken soup. With the chicken peeled-up, that's about 20 grams of protein, and an egg or 2 poached in the broth—between 6 and 12 grams more of protein, good enough. And that's it. Every once and again deviate, get some beef. And then alternate every once in awhile, only one meal a day. And then fasting here and there too. We'll see how it goes, but I think I'll be good, eggs agree with me so well, and that cornmeal too, food for superhumans. I'll begin the regimine to-day, even. But you must with fiber take it slowly, to get used to it, else it hurts the ol' belly, all of it right-away. So, I'll have only half the dose of the cornmeal. And damnit, I don't know if I have enough olive oil for the eggs, I'll have to journey-over to the grocery store, I suppose, just bite-the-bullet and buy a bottle there than walk up to Walmart, money to spare anyway, it's such a cheap diet really.

—I'm doing all kinds of stuff, here. Yesterday, I learned from Pliny how to read the winds. Reflecting on them, I realized that you can predict the weather, knowing when each wind begins and ends, depending on what wind it is, depending on what stars rise and set. Which sounds like sorcery, or something, witchcraft, the dark arts, but these are natural observations, so, white magick—or green, I like to call it instead.

Finally, I saw some links about the MBTI personality types. Since I been seeing these things everywhere. And I've got the time now. Probably going to get some Jung here soon, too, to dive deeper as I please. Maybe get that with Shestov! I typed myself quickly, and ENFP. Which was kind of fun. And I'm seeing the world a lot friendlier of a place, all-of-a-sudden—if it can be explained by only these 16 different personality types, and you're one of them. Which I knew it was going to turn-out, having read startupdaemon waxing something like it one time, that you think you're introvert perhaps, but you're actually extrovert. And I knew then. Which fits the type, even, shit. But also dangerous, these self-fulfilling prophecies. But, the queen of cups card too. Crazy stuff. Intuition.

—This little post is going so well so far, that I'm scared to write more, if I ruin it. Which I'm sure I will, anyway, O well. Just sitting here now, not really doing anything, it's Sunday. But that's no excuse. Walked over to the liquor store. Yeah, yeah, another 40, Colt 45. It's those at the liquor store, and High Lifes at the grocery store. Which I need to go to maybe to-night, get some olive oil and bananas. I'm just sipping this beer, otherwise, it's been like an hour-and-an-half already, only half gone, only just slightly buzzed, plus I'm fatigued—those damn firetrucks. It's kind of nice, thou——

Saw a spider on the way to the liquor store. Which seems like such a trivial observation. But these spiders here are massive, like the size of a ping-pong ball. This one was in a different place than the one I'd been seeing. But damnit, that one I'd seen like all this passed week, sitting in its web a bit after sunset, he knew me, I swear. How I stop and lean in, and look at the bugs it's got, and look at the web, the craftsmanship, I suppose. And then I just look at the spider, it's so damn huge. But, for 2 nights I did that, was just checking-out this spider and his handy-work for maybe a minute, just standing there looking. And then on that 3rd night, it was like he saw me coming, like a dog when you get home, and it ran up that web towards me, up the sign-post, and was leaning off as far as it could near me. Like a little pet, it liked me for simply admiring it. But I didn't see that one to-day, the web was completely gone, even. So, maybe it moved. Hell, maybe it's the same one, the one I saw to-day. I stopped and was checking-out this one's handy-work too. I was surprised it was even out, that hot afternoon sun, I'd thought they were nocturnal.

Saw 2 birds to-day too, both vicious battles with moths, they probably were. One right when I woke. It was like the first thing I saw, right in front of the window. A bird was picking at a moth till finally it got it after about 10 seconds or so, a little breakfast snack. And then saw a cardinal doing the same on the way to the liquor store. But the cardinal dove into the grass picking at it, the moth, till finally she caught it too—yes, a she, I was able to tell there. And then she just kind of sat in the grass as I passed, looking at me. Most birds flee, and fly-away before you can even get near. Had an acorn in my hand too, I was so tempted. But how she just sat there almost nodding her head to me as I passed, like "Yeah, yeah," trusting me, I couldn't. Have, however, been practicing my aim, which is only just a touch off, I'm about 75% from about 10 meters, all these acorns everywhere. Which I might try to grow, if I can find some dirt near, and a pot,—though can fabricate from just a milk carton really—and then some of these evergreens too, try growing them—or, starting them at least, find a place to plant. Take to mom's maybe, for the nephew, he likes trying to grow things. Re-plant the ones grandma, in some bout of madness, it must have been, had cut-down, a line of them. How much you got paid for that? I asked her. She looked at me like she didn't hear me—her hearing-aids. "I payed them," she said.

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