28 Februaury 2017

Astalli, Thinking Aloud, Camillo Astalli

by Andrew

I have no idea what this means, astalli. But it sounds Italian to me. A Google search of it brings-up some Italian information—in English. It's a name I think.

Google shows me among the top results, this website. It's from one of those Borrow books I put on here I bet. A little deeper now, it is a name, Astalli, Camillo Astalli—an Italian.

Well, that was anti-climatic. I was hoping it'd mean something cool, astalli. A noun I thought it was, like a layer in heaven or something, like that other Italian, Dante, his rings of hell—astalli, one of the 5 rings of Heaven or something. That's what I was thinking.

I've studied some Italian. So I cheat. It was easy to see that that was Italian. But that Borrow guy puts me to shame—I've been returning to again and again. That he learned the Rommany tongue—the old snake charmer he was, that slithering snake tongue—I think was like a key for him. A lexicon, a philosopher's stone it was for him, the Rommany language.

I've read of it somewhere, that there are 4 ways to come to know truth. One is by studying Religion. Another is by studying Physics and Math—I think, not even too sure, to be honest. I plain forgot one. I think Law it said. Maybe it was Medicine. But the last is by studying Language. That's one I should have wrote-down, just to remember where it could be found. Some wise, rich, white man put it in one of his flowerpots probably. I want to say it was Francis Bacon somewhere.

But you must not believe everything you read. These writers I read for their writing, they are those rich, white men. And I am white too, to be sure,—though a shade greener every day—but I am poor. And that's different. But, as I reread now, that quote, again from Borrow on Rommany, comes to mind. The Hungarians exclaim, "We are all relations, all alike; all who are with us are ourselves."

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