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A Stack of Pickled Cards, It's Hearts

Waiting for a Shift of Predominant Winds

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Ben the Goblin Got Into the Cigarettes Again

The Twitter Marching Band & the Weeping Wolf

A Hot Cup of Tea to Get You Moving in the Morning

Kaleidoscopic Vision, the Great Onion-Peel of Time

A Broom & a Pen

The Bird Escapes the Locked Cu-Cu Box

The Cold Wisps of Winter Lips

The Jung Pen Is Mightier

The Usurp of the Cricket Chirp

Debit-Cards & Empty Banks

The Autumn Winds, Came Blowing In

Ice Cream Shops & Chopping Blocks

Cars Down by the Balcony, Like Hermit-Holes in Biarritz

Not Much of a Blogger Here, Google Results


Bird-Watching for Beers and Myers-Briggs Nymphs

Dirty Chickens Boil In the Wind, You Turkey

Spyro the Spirals, till Sunday

Madness and the Queen of Cups

On Inspiration and Dissatisfaction

Pissing in the Wind

On the Loose


Blog-writing and Journal-writing and Science and Art

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Van Gogh, a New Direction, Some Progress, and Some Regression

This Mother's Day

That Time of Year

Start-up Idea, and the Swift Footed

Some Considerations, a Newsletter, and the Influence of Dreams

Not as Interesting as Goldmund Unleashed

Goodbye Surveillance, Google Analytics

Opportunity to Influence a New Generation, to Create a New Reality in Society

Black Holes and Enlightenment and Decentralization

Gatekeepers of a New Society of Collective Individuals

The Duality of Peace and the Practice of Business

Tweeting Thoughts on Twitter to Writing on the Blog