17 June 2017

Everyone In Portugal Smokes

by Andrew

If you don't smoke, you're not Portuguese. It's a simple as that. All Portuguese smoke. Or it seems that way anyway.

They can still smoke in bars and restaurants and cafes in Portugal. And I must admit, being from the States, where you can't even smoke—what is it?—50 feet from the entrance of a building, it's nice, the smoke inside. And I don't even smoke. I am not Portuguese, afterall. And I know second-hand smoke is terrible for you too. But it's nice still, being in a smoke-filled cafe. It's a lost art, I say. It's enchanting, romantic. And my mind floats from past to present as I write, floats along the curls of smoke.

But it contributes to all Portuguese smoking, that, that they're allowed to smoke still in places. I do honestly believe. It's the women.

Portuguese women are beautiful. And they smoke. In the United States, you never see a beautiful woman smoking a cigarette. That we're not allowed to smoke in bars and restaurants and such, we Americans, we smoke less generally I suppose. And you can see that, that our beautiful women don't smoke. But the women here in Portugal, they are smoking.

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