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"All about it. I'll tell you all about it."
 —2 Chainz

How to Make Some Money To-day, Preferably a Couple Thousand

Background Noise

Johnny Appleseed

Money Trees

"Summer's Almost Gone"

"I Pull Up, Hop Out, Air Out"

"Sell, Dope, Rap, or Go to NBA"

The Air Conditioned Nightmare

Walking to Work

An Explosion of Creativity

"I'm From the Mud"

How to Escape the 9-to-5 Drudgery of a Job

The Inspiration Is Everywhere

"Don't Know Which Car I'll Drive To-day"

"But It's a Beautiful Day Outside To-day"

Please, No More Perennial Seller Email-Lists, Ryan Holiday

Tea Time, Spinning My Wheels

Aren't You Hot In That

It's the Feds.'s

It's In the Air

People and Their Dogs

Modern Day Slavery

Neck to Neck With the Check to Check

Illinois Lottery Corruption

Got to Get Out

Fly Fishing Gear

Revelation Road

Plainfield, Illinois Crude Oil Train Derailment

Super-Size Me, Scotland

Little Surfers Surf

Don't Trust Men Who Don't Wear Hats

What Is Good Writing

Everyone In Portugal Smokes

A Bum In the Bamboos


A Doctorate of Writing

The Lady Who Feeds the Birds

The Gypsy Lady

Why oeoei.com

Texts to a Friend

How I Do Sleep

Survive the Flood, Noah

Snap Into a Slim Jim, Brother

The Brattle Street Bum

Goodbye From the Sea

Defend Your Spot

The Sea Greets Me

Buen Camino, Peregrinos

A Good Investment

A Flock of Gays

I Miss Grass

Out Comes the Sun and Dries-Up All the Wind

The Rules Outside

Poetry Today

"And Georgie Would Make the Fire Light"

What Is Wrong With My Generation

When I Apply Pressure

Shitting In the Woods

Sleeping With the Sun; Jesus Died For Our Sins

How the Pope Travels Portugal

Com Nada

All or Nothing

A Product of My Environment

Let Me Stretch-Out My Arms Here a Bit

Guerrilla Blog




Pink Floyd Dogs

Time For the Oscars to Go Paperless

Living Rich Living Poor

On Inspiration, On Start-ups


New Life at the Villa Borghese

Why Can't I Stop Listening to 2 Chainz

Uncle Phil

Rudius Media, and Ideas of Business

Nostalgic Fool

A Bummer